Tuesday, 12 September 2017

R U OK? in Store NOW!

R U OK? is my latest mini collection including both the combo and the word art in the main product, honouring R U OK? Day held the second Thursday of September every year.
This year it is 14th September

R U OK? Day was an initiative of one man who battled with thoughts of suicide, his own father having taken his own life when he was younger. The idea behind the initiative was to start a conversation with someone, ask R U OK? and that a conversation could change a life. It coincides with Suicide Prevention Week which runs the second week of September, with world Suicide Prevention Day falling at the beginning. Gavin Larkin was the man behind the birth of R U OK Day who sadly passed away of bone cancer after their third R U OK? campaign. This pack is for him and all those who battle daily....who need someone to just stop and say R U OK?

So the MINI collection includes:
55 elements
17 papers
22 word arts

While the word arts resemble the official R U OK? trademark, they are actually created by me to match with a variety of fonts and shapes.

So let's take a closer look. Remember you can click on each of the previews to go to the product in store.

Word Art

R U OK? @ Wilma4ever

Word Art

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  1. As a person who suffers with sever depression, plus other stuff, and occasional thoughts of suicide, this kit/bundle is fantastic. Those simple words, if said with heartfelt concern, have changed things for me and will change thoughts for others. Great pack!