Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Pampered Pups February Train - Anything Goes!

And now for something completely different! A train of many colours this month with a diversity of colours in the form of "Anything Goes". We each picked colours from the palette we wished to use to make up our own. And what an array we have! Mine has a touch of feminine, a touch of romance, a touch of vintage...a bit of everything.

I hope you enjoy the offerings this month. And don't forget a word of thanks along the way...:)

To download my part, please click my preview
As always, my freebies are limited to the month of release, afterwhich they will be available for purchase in any one of my stores.
Password: thanks

You can also pick up the complete collection from My Memories or Faith Sisters, which will be released this week.


  1. must be doing something wrong. Not working when I click the image.

  2. So sorry! I forgot to add the link! lol
    All added and ready for download now. :)

  3. Beautiful colors!!! The flowers are gorgeous!!! Love the frame and doily frame!!! They are charming!!! The papers are stunning!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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